National Anti-Adulteration Foundation established in Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2014 with an aim to ensure food safety. The motivation is to monitor food production industries in Bangladesh which will enable safe and healthy food production. A team of experts and volunteers periodically visits different organizations to monitor food production process and guide them with do’s and don’ts to streamline the whole process.

A large group of small and big food production and processing units adulterate the food, which can severally damage the long-term health conditions, which might not be visible in short term. Therefore, the goal is to prevent such long-term damage.


Our idea is not only to monitor the food production process in Bangladesh but also to create an awareness of the larger community of consumers. This will create a long-term benefit in Bangladesh.


We started our journey back in 2014. Since its inception, we continuously expand our operations in different Division, District and Thana level. Many volunteers join us to support this global cause. While defining the food adulteration, we follow the definition of the World Health Organization (WHO) and Bangladesh’s Food Safety Act of 2013. According to the WHO, food adulteration is defined as “addition or use of prohibited substances to partly or wholly substitute health ingredients or to artificially create the impression of freshness in old food.” From the beginning, we have been working with law enforcement agencies while continuing the work.

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